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Jeremy Windsor introduces us to the mountain medics who take care of us all when enjoying the outdoors.

Posted by Martin Spence on Oct 11, 2019
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For all you people looking forward to the weekend, here's a great way to relax and enjoy fellow entrepreneurs, local business people and friends talking freely about life! Welcome to the 7thWave podcasting platform!

Every Friday at 4:00pm, new and old followers of these podcasts, will receive this short blog introducing them to the latest podcasts from 7th AirWave: the 7thwave podcasting platform. This is open to all and if you like what you are listening to, next time it could be you. We would love to hear your stories and tales and from the feedback so far there are many of you in the Hope Valley and Sheffield area's who are enjoying listening to the podcasts; over 39 to date.


This week we are featuring Jeremy Windsor, who is part of a group of anaesthetist and critical care doctors based at Chesterfield Royal Hospital who are passionate about mountain medicine and making the outdoors accessible to all.

Episode 38: Jeremy Windsor explains how we ALL can enjoy the outdoors.

By Jeremy Windsor/ October 2019 /37:53

Jeremy explains how we ALL can enjoy the outdoors and how the medics can support this ideal. When you have taken this all in... have a look at the Surviving the DeathZone blog on 7thWave. This week its all about climate change, a subject close to all our hearts, I hope.


This week there has been a definite spike in interest in the Climate debate, (State of Nature report,  Extinction Rebellion, United Nations Climate Action Summit updates), rightly so, and we hope to keep this up over the next weeks, months and years! Checkout the latest community, Hope Valley Climate Action, setup around the climate change debate and what we can do ourselves to effect a positive change for the future of our planet.

The podcasts and blogs are not only a great advert for networking and getting to know our neighbours but an excellent "goto" place for debate and discussion, what do you think?

Furthermore, the purpose of the podcasts is to introduce you to the many varied businesses and characters who live and work in the Peak District and its surroundings. Please take time to listen in and enjoy. All feedback welcome! Of course, your can explore the site to hear from many of the other contributions if you can't wait for the weekly stars!

These podcasts are un-edited and raw, which I believe brings a element of authenticity to the conversations and I'm unapologetic about the varying sound quality. BUT we're looking to improve this as we move forward.

Have a great weekend....the rain has returned again but don't let that stop you spreading the word...

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