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Ches Moulton, the Stressmaster, listen and learn...

Posted by Martin Spence on Nov 01, 2019

For all you people looking forward to the weekend, (rugby fans will be glued to the TV, 9:00AM GMT Saturday), here's a great way to relax and enjoy fellow entrepreneurs, local business people and friends talking freely about life! Welcome to the 7th Wave podcasting platform!

Every Friday at 4:00pm, new and old followers of these podcasts, will
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what you are listening to, next time it could be you. We would love to
hear your stories and tales and from the feedback so far, there are many
of you in the Hope Valley and Sheffield area's who are enjoying
listening to the podcasts; over 40 to date.

This week we are featuring Ches Moulton. We met up at the Norfolk Arms in Ringinglow, home of the Planet Xoolon mobile office and discovered a few home truths about stress and how to manage it. Ches is a past master in identifying how stress can be made into a positive force for progressing your business and you own well-being...

Episode 43: Ches Moulton: StressMaster

By Ches Moulton/ November 2019 /33:24

Episode 43: Ches Moulton, Stressmaster illuminates us on what makes one tick...


The purpose of the podcasts is to introduce you to the many varied businesses and characters who live and work in the Peak District and its surroundings. Please take time to listen in and enjoy. All feedback welcome! Of course, your can explore the site to hear from many of the other contributions if you can't wait for the weekly stars!

Many of the header images are from local artist Anthony Marshall, who lives in Hathersage in the Hope Valley and he has very kindly given permission to use elements for these blogs; if you like what you see and would like to purchase one, many examples can be found at the Hope Valley Fringe Gallery

Anthony Marshall Artist/Practitioner

I have listened to jazz since I was a boy. It was the improvisations that excited me and the ability to spontaneously move in and around the original theme with apparent effortless ease, or so it seemed!

These podcasts are un-edited and raw, which I believe brings a element of authenticity to the conversations and I'm unapologetic about the varying sound quality. BUT we're looking to improve this as we move forward.

Have a great weekend....come on England!! and when we all are basking in England's success, go and take in some fresh air and enjoy the countryside...

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