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Angga Kara: social entrepreneur and creative consultant.

Posted by Martin Spence on Dec 06, 2019

For all you people looking forward to the weekend, here's a great way to relax and enjoy fellow entrepreneurs, local business people and friends talking freely about life! Welcome to the 7th Wave podcasting platform!

Every Friday at 4:00pm, new and old followers of these podcasts, will receive this short blog introducing them to the latest podcasts from 7th AirWave: the 7thwave podcasting platform.

This is open to all and if you like what you are listening to, next time it could be you. We would love to hear your stories and tales, and from the feedback so far there are many of you in the Hope Valley and Sheffield area's who are enjoying listening to the podcasts; over 50 to date. Why not your story?

This week we are featuring Angga Kara, founder of Inner fire coaching. He's an executive coach, drawing knowledge from positive psychology, mindfulness, stoic philosophy and social entrepreneurship. Helping one re-discover lost zest for life and holistically develop the inner fire (resilience) & mental wellbeing. He has worked diversely with celebrities to creative professionals to highly successful entrepreneurs and high level executives. Helping all to shine a light on parts of life that often are neglected.

Episode 52: Angga Kara: social entrepreneur & creative consultant.

Angga reveals his fascinating family history and background along with his own personal values, beliefs and everything in between that brought him to Sheffield and the work he now conducts here and internationally as a life coach.

The purpose of the podcasts is to introduce you to the many varied subjects and people who have a real connection to the Peak District. Please take time to listen in and enjoy. All feedback welcome! Of course, your can explore the site to hear from many of the other contributions if you can't wait for the weekly stars!

These podcasts are un-edited and raw, which I believe brings a element of authenticity to the conversations and a more human feeling, bringing people closer together.

Have a great weekend..maybe you have been inspired by the podcast and have a tale to share...? Lets hear from you.

Thanks for reading and listening; until next week...

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