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Harriet Tuckey and Chris Harle: Everest, human endurance and writing all about it...

Posted by Martin Spence on Jan 24, 2020
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The new year seems a long way off already and we are racing towards spring at an alarming rate. All the more reason for you to take time out and take in a 7th Wave podcast. The podcasts are proving to be a great way to relax and reflect on stories from fellow entrepreneurs, local business people, friends and acquaintance. The subject matter is varied and intriguing, often enlightening, and a great way to get to know people. Welcome to the 7th Wave podcasting platform!

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Harriet and Chris talk in depth about the 1953 Everest success, the Silver Hut scientific expedition to the Himalayas and other legacy projects. The podcast was part of the Science weekend in Bamford attended by many local climbers, medics and outdoor enthusiasts and a sister event in conjunction with the BMC (British Mountaineering Council); the Mountain Medicine Festival is taking place in Hathersage between the 6th and 9th June this year.

Episode 50: Harriet Tuckey and Chris Harle discuss the history behind the Silver Hut expedition, writing about Everest and rewriting history...

Harriet and Chris talk, in depth, about the 1953 Everest success, the Silver Hut expedition and more legacy projects. Harriet is the daughter of Griffith Pugh, who's contribution to the 1953 Everest success cannot be overstated. History has not been kind to the real pioneers behind the expedition and Harriot re-collects, on a personal level, how their contribution was key to getting Hillary and Tensing to the top of the world.

The purpose of the podcasts is to introduce you to the many varied subjects and people who live and work close to the Peak District. Concentrating on South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire. Please take time to listen in and enjoy. All feedback welcome! Of course, your can explore the site to hear from many of the other contributions if you can't wait for the weekly stars!

These podcasts are un-edited and raw, which I believe brings a element of authenticity to the conversations and a more human feeling, bringing people closer together. Let's make 2020 a great year; its up to us!

Have a great weekend..maybe you have been inspired by the podcast and have a tale to share...? Lets hear from you.

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